VIDEO The Map is not the Territory (Montedellarte) 2018

Video Stills, 2017

Italian Cultural Institute Brussels (B), 7 February > 1 March 2019
Cittadelarte-Fondazione Pistoletto (IT), 25 May > 05 August 2018
Time Can Tell, Roeselare (B), April 2018
Emergent (B), October 2017 > January 2018

Credits video: Copyright: Griet Dobbels 2017 - Duration: 15:51 - Editing: Bianca Cassinelli - Sound: Ewan Marshall-Atherton - Camera: Valeria Cavallo - Additional pictures: the hikers

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Text artist's book Els Vermeersch, Compagon d'Art: Drawing a contour line in the landscape while walking 

Text artist's book Cecilia Guida, Former Director and Curator of UNIDEE-University of Ideas: The fog and the misunderstanding

Text artist's book Juan Sandoval, Art Office Director, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto: Recognise – Recount – Remap 

Web site Montedellarte