The map is not the territory 2014

The map is not the territory

In 2012, the performance The Map is not the Territory was realised in Woubrechtegem (Flemish Ardennes) in cooperation with the non-profit organisation Arpia (Art and Landscape) and the municipality of Herzele, Belgium. By allowing a group of 200 hikers to walk along a contour line in the Flemish Ardennes, a physical map was drawn in the landscape.

The map is not the territory , originally coined by the Polish-American philosopher Alfred Korzybsky (1879-1950), this term subsequently came to widespread attention via a similarly titled novel by Michel Houellebecq [The Map and the Territory, 2010]

The Map is not the Territory, is about the fact that people sometimes confuse the representation of reality with reality itself. The mapping of a territory, therefore, does not constitute the actual territory. Despite our best efforts to control the world around us, we often fail. Perception does not always coincide with reality.